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B - 8210 Zedelgem
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B.V.B.A. VH Global Trading was founded in 1986. In the beginning our company tuned Mercedes Benz cars. The production of various boot lids for Mercedes with incorporated stoplights was one of the biggest successes of our company. VH also has several bonnets in SL-style for several Mercedes Benz types.

This incited VH to take a further step in tuning: face-lifting for Mercedes Benz cars. The underlying idea was to make the cars younger by applying some radical modifications, so that the cars look like the current model. This gave rise to a new horizon: converting older models to the current model available on the market. Summerized in one sentence: we give your car a second youth. 

Worldwide delivery in 28 counrties and growing

B.V.B.A. VH Global Trading is by no means related to Daimler Chrysler or Mercedes Benz AG. "Mercedes" and "Mercedes Benz", the Three Point Star and the various models are registered trademarks of Daimler Chrysler. At our website reference is made to the models for information purposes only. 




W163 Look 2002
W163 > 164 AMG
SLK R170 > R171
SLK R170 > R171
Lambo doors
SL 129 > 230
W124 > W210
W124 > W211
W140 > W220
W171 > W172
W202 > W203
W203 > W204
W204 > W204 Facelift
W202 > W208
W210 facelift
W210 > W211
W210 > W212
W210 > W220
W210 > W221

W221 > W221 Facelift AMG 2010

W221 > Facelift look 2010

W211 > W221
W220 > W221
Facelift W230 SL > W 230 SL 2009

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